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This book is a mixture of articles by Ralph W. Marcum, Essays by Charles E. Hayes, letters and other writings of early Kentucky Pioneers and interviews by John Dabney Shane with early Kentucky pioneers and settlers. 

The book is a marvelous source of information about early Kentucky settlement, how to articles that range from building a bear gun to building a double powder horn, and constructing events that attract authentic flintlock shooters and re-enactors. 

The volume is held together by a variety of pictures of early shooting matches and shooters as well as pictures showing the evolution of re-enacting.

Publication Date - October 18, 2014

By Jerry Sparks
Senior Reporter Jackson County Sun

A local author Charles E. Hayes, of Tyner, has collaborated with Jackson County artist, educator, librarian, historian, writer, editor and character Ralph Marcum to publish “The Life and Times of Ralph Marcum”. Hayes said, “Ralph is a rare individual. He has a unique combination of attributes. He has desire, talent and drive. That is what has made him such an extraordinary human being.” 

Marcum spent almost three decades as a teacher and librarian at Sand Gap Elementary. Marcum was recently honored at Renfro Valley (April 20th, 2013) for 56 years of performing on the stage at the old barn dance. More recently Ralph has played a prominent role in nurturing Kentucky and US history (spe cifically his role in Civil War Era weaponry and ways of life). Kentucky State Representative Marie Rader has said of Marcum, “Ralph is a man that can live in many centuries. Transport him back into the 1800’s and he would be just fine. Place him in the 1900’s or last week and expect him to flourish. I suspect that if one could transport him a hundred years into the future he would still be going strong and do ing well.”

Ralph is a Jack-of-all-Trades and one could find him build ing a long rifle, leading a canoeing party down the Rockcastle River, participating in a long-range shooting match in Montana, editing a journal, contributing to the local newspaper, restoring classic Harley Davidson motorcycles or collecting items for his authentic western town (Hooten Holler) located down Indian Creek. Judge Marcum is the only permanent resident of “Hooten Old Town,” standing like a page from a chapter written in the old west.

This novel is currently available through AMAZON.COM as a Paperback or on Kindle.

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